Kids Page

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                              Good Kids links           
                    AOL Search Kids Only           Safe sites for kids                     
                    Arts and Kids           Painting and Drawing           
                    Ask Jeeves for Kids           Type a question in plain           English           
                    Berit’s Best Sites for           Children           Over a thousand sites           have been rated and reviewed           
                    Centipede           just like the arcade           game Centipede                     
                    Children’s Literature           Web Guide           Online children’s           stories                     
                     Fractals and           explanations of algebra, geometry, and calculus           
                    Crafts for Kids           Crafts children can create for holidays and special occasions                     
                    Crayola Home Page           Fun things with crayons           
                     Activities for families           and children to share           
                    Flash Cards for Kids           Improve Math Skills           
                    Games Kids Play           Rules for hundreds of           children’s games and verses to rhymes           
                    Learning Vista           Digital Library for K-12                     
                    Little Explorers           Links to pictures of           words with letters of the alphabet                     
                    Midlink Magazine           Electronic magazine for           kids ages 10-15                     
                    Mr. Rogers Neighborhood           PBS site for the famous           Mr. Rogers           
                    PBS Kids           features PBS Television           characters and activities           
                    Schoolnotes           Education Gateway           
                    Sports Illustrated for           Kids           Sporting Information           geared towads kids                     
                    Stone Soup           Written and illustrated           by kids ages 8-13 and designed to inspire young writers           
                    Terrific Web Sites for           Middle School Kids           Educational and           Entertaining links for middle school students                     
                    TIME for kids           an online version of the           popular news magazine designed for kids           
                    WebChess           Allows kids to play           chess on the web           
                    World Surfari           Monthly virtual           geography tour of different countries           
                    Yahooligans           Web site search engine           for children from the people of Yahoo